Vehicle Wraps in Rufford – a Highly Effective Advertising Medium

Vehicle Wraps in Rufford When it comes to vehicle wraps in Rufford, don’t settle for anything less than perfect. At Gatley Signs, we offer a comprehensive range of design solutions to sync with every need, preference and budget. We offer a wide variety of signs, ranging from simple vinyl lettering to state-of-the-art vehicle wraps. We are proud of the reputation we have created over the last 17 years for our commitment to quality, affordable pricing and 100% focus on customer satisfaction. We use the latest innovations in products, materials and technology to create one of a kind designs to satisfy the most demanding customers. As one of the leading signage providers in the North West, our client base extends throughout this region and beyond.

It is best to use a professional company. In Rufford, vehicle wraps can be a disaster in inexperienced hands. This is certainly not the job for the average DIY enthusiast. Unless your service provider has the qualifications, experience, knowledge, skill and expertise, you could end up wasting time, effort and big money. You can count on us for that jaw-dropping effect, instant brand recognition, amazing buzz on social media and serious envy from your competitors. The important thing is to make sure that the wrapping process follows a well-planned and carefully mapped-out procedure. Remember that certain parts of vehicles such as mirrors, trim and certain types of bumpers may not be covered as the vinyl will not stick on surfaces of certain materials. This is where our expertise and experience comes in – we can tell you exactly what you will get.


If you’re advertising your products, company or services, vehicle wraps in Rufford are a great idea. Studies show that there is 97% recall and memory for these mobile ads. Vehicle wraps are essentially moving advertisements, billboards or works of art. The graphics are in full colour, printed digitally on vinyl film and then applied carefully to the surface of the vehicle in keeping with design requirements. Contact Gatley Signs for more information and assistance. You can select a full or partial wrap and can even cover the windows, because you can see quite well through the glass.