Sign Writing in Altrincham

Sign Writing in AltrinchamWhen we at Gatley Signs undertake sign writing in Altrincham for your business or event advertising, we consider our choices. We know the colour scheme you want, the medium you’ve chosen for your sign and the size. Now, we have to bring it to life, creating an eye-catching message that is unforgettable. We use words to convey your message so we’ll try many different fonts and sizes until we get the one that we think says it best. We may prepare sign writing in several different fonts and sizes and from those, you will make your final choice. Flourishes attract attention but readability is the priority. Symmetry must exist in the layout if sign writing to be eye pleasing.

There is more to sign writing for effect than words. For some signs in Altrincham, sign writing might include symbols for words instead of words created from our alphabet. We see symbols on signs everywhere such as the red circle with the line through it symbolising “wrong choice”, hearts mean we like or love the product or service offered, an open hand may tell us to stop or go in a particular direction. Everyone recognises the symbol using three arrows in a circle means “recycle”. Many of these word symbols transcend across most languages. Golden Arches mean McDonalds the world over. The Red Cross symbol means “help is here” in any language. This is sign writing without words.

Your company may have a logo which we would include in your sign writing in Altrincham. You want that logo everywhere you can put it because you want those who see it to immediately identify it with your products or services. It can take some time to build that instant recognition with colour, script and logo combination but it’s worth building on. Contact Gatley Signs for a consultation and let’s begin the process of getting your name recognition established. We have over 17 years in the business and we would love to show you examples of our work; you’ll recognise some. We utilise skill, talent and the latest technology to create sign writing that will get your business noticed.