A Boards in Altrincham

A Boards in AltrinchamA boards in Altrincham are a handy way to highlight a business or specials.  They are moveable and can be changed whenever needed.  If they are placed on a pavement they will attract attention to a store as they are normally in the line of sight of passersby. We can make them up in any shape you choose and with any message that you feel needs to be conveyed to prospective customers.  If you are a small store with minimal window frontage it is a good idea to have an A board outside your shop.  You can have a list of specials or specialities that you offer or information that will encourage people to enter your shop.

When you need advertisements outside your business in Altrincham, A boards are easily set up and moved to any position that suits you. Restaurants have A boards made of blackboard material with specials written in chalk.  This can be changed daily of rewritten if the specials change through the day. This makes it much easier for customers to choose their meals and know the prices before they even enter the business.  Many companies who have frequently changing information should this type of A board.  Where the information is constant a solid vinyl board can be used.  A boards can be safely moved inside a store or restaurant at night and placed out on the sidewalk again in the morning.

A Boards in Altrincham come in many different materials.  Contact Wrapzone today and discuss with our very experienced staff your unique requirements.  We have over 17 years of experience in various different signage applications.  We cater for everything from simple vinyl letters to complete wraps for vehicles in unique designs. We have state of the art equipment and the expertise needed to use them.  Our design team are dedicated and very creative. We also print T-shirts and banners as well as business stationery and posters.  We are a one stop shop for all printing and signage.