Banners in Cheadle

Banners in CheadleHave you spotted any unusual banners in Cheadle? These days, almost anything can be an effective advertising spot. A road, a wall, a car … some people even paint ads on their own bodies. No, we don’t do that last one, but we offer all the other forms of print and outdoor advertising. Wrapzone has been in this business for 17 years, and we’ve become quite expert at fitting wraps. Our headlining product is the vehicle wrap. We print ads onto vinyl then we wrap it around your car, making it a fast-moving mobile ad. Of course, if you prefer, you could drive slow and get a bigger impact.

To get the best advertising results in Cheadle, banners can be combined with t-shirts and other forms of branded clothing. This collateral will be designed to match the car wraps so that the brand message is consistent across channels. We can even design the ads to match TV spots and online content. Vehicle wraps are easily adjusted, so if you’d like to include dates and take them out later, we can do that too. Ideally, we could do a date-based campaign during a promotion period. Once the season is over, we will replace the wrap with a more general one that can stay in place for years at a time.

If you’ve studied banners in Cheadle as well as vehicle wraps, you’ve probably wondered how they managed to get such delicate artistic details. It’s because the art isn’t installed directly on the car. First, we print it onto vinyl using high-resolution printers. Then, we wrap the branded vinyl around the car. Our wrapping technique has been perfected by nearly two decades of experience. It fits snugly on the car with no gaps and no air bubbles. Car wraps will retain their colour and crispness over prolonged periods. Contact Wrapzone today for more information. They offer good value for money because you pay for them once and use them wherever and whenever you need to. Plus, unlike regional media ads, your car wrap can be seen all over the world. If you can drive there, you can advertise there.